Things to Consider Before Making Holiday Plans

Things to Consider Before Making Holiday Plans

Many New Zealanders are going to be eager to make their Christmas plans now that the holiday season is only approximately 10 weeks away.

Auckland, though, is to remain to be placed on alert level 3 for the next two weeks. New Covid cases in the area are still increasing. Given these facts, many people are worried they won’t be able to enjoy the holiday season outside their homes when December comes around.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will be making an announcement as to the requirements needed to remove the mobility restrictions. Ardern will also share the details of a new life New Zealanders can expect during the summer season when the holiday season comes.

The prime minister will be sharing these details on Friday, October 22, 2021.

Ardern, on the other hand, announces on TVNZ’s “Breakfast on Tuesday,” she believes the alert level 3 restriction in Auckland will be lifted by Christmas. The prime minister believes that this situation will take place only if a substantial number of people are 100 percent vaccinated. 100 percent vaccinated refers to the fact that people have had two doses of the vaccine from Pfizer.

On Friday, October 22, 2021, Ardern will allegedly announce which two groups of people are going to be vaccination beneficiaries. Word has it that these groups of people are classified as: 1. residents of Auckland; and 2. the entire remaining parts of New Zealand.

Getting enough people to be vaccinated will likely be prone to lead to the removal of the alert level system and lockdowns. But, Ardern warns that even if such a potential situation happens, the government plans to implement a new system called the “Covid-19 protection framework”. This new system comprises of a different range of “traffic light system.”

As far as everyone is aware, the “Covid-19 protection framework” will have three levels. Green level says there will be no more travel, gathering, business operations restrictions. Orange level mandates wearing of face masks and implementation of occupancy limits in public places. If the red level is reached, there will be a limitation in private get-togethers and inter-regional travel permissions.

If there is a case of Covid-19 in any of the region or regions in New Zealand, certain travel restrictions shall be implemented in the said part or parts of the country. Such a policy is one of the rules implemented under the “Covid-19 protection framework.”