Covid-19 News: Cases Will Continuously Rise After Greatest Daily Number of Increase Is Hit

Covid-19 News: Cases Will Continuously Rise After Greatest Daily Number of Increase Is Hit

New Zealand has logged in its highest Covid-19 cases for the day since the start of the outbreak. According to health experts, they see the cases will continue to increase. As of Tuesday, October 19, 2021, there have been an additional 94 cases of Covid-19. Seven of these cases has been in Waikato, and the others have been in Auckland.

41 of the said cases are connected to each other, in which 26 of them are household physical contacts. 53 of the cases, though, still remain not connected to any situation or person. Investigations that study the connection of the unlinked cases continue to commence.

In a press conference, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces Covid-19 cases will continue to increase due to the pandemic having an R value, or otherwise known as a reproductive rate, within 1.2 and 1.3.

The R value refers to the number of people carrying the Covid virus. These people, in turn, may infect others. The R value is utilized on the basis of modeling. So, it means the coronavirus pandemic will be passed on to approximately 1.2 and 1.3 other individuals.

According to Auckland University vaccinologist, Helen Petousis-Harris, the increase of Covid cases reported on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 has been what Covid modelers expected. Consequentially, Harris says that the cases are expected to rise.

Harris further states that the coronavirus preys on people who have not yet gotten vaccinated. The virus also preys on people who have only been partially vaccinated.

Harris further states that having unlinked cases is a serious thing to be worried about. It appears these cases have come about from people not observing proper distancing protocols. Harris doesn’t see the point of NZ’s government implementing a stricter alert system in the country. The said individuals do not comply with the safety protocols, anyway.

Mark Thomas, an associate professor of infectious disease from the University of Auckland, surmises that in the months that’ll pass by moving forward, New Zealanders can expect daily cases of Covid-19 to hit within 200 to 500 cases each day.

Thomas said, though, the numerical statistics shall continuously either increase or decrease. Such a fluctuation of numbers will depend upon the availability of testing and the number of hot spots that exist.

Thomas acknowledges another way surge in Covid cases is stopped is if people remain isolated by themselves at home. On the other hand, according to public health expert professor, Nick Wilson, there’s a need for stricter mask rules. Wilson agrees wearing of face mask in indoor spaces, except in residential premises, should be lawfully implemented.