The Wellington Parliament Takeover Produces Instability and Turmoil

The Wellington Parliament Takeover Produces Instability and Turmoil

The protests that have taken place in Wellington have been the sources of challenges on the city’s people’s values, principles, and ideologies. Many local people or residents of the city may begin to ponder upon the meanings of peaceful protests, freedom, knowledge, and privilege after witnessing the said protests. These individuals may also start to envision the types of societies they desire to live in for years to come.

The protest camp is home to inaccurate data, erroneous beliefs, misogyny, and external unrealistic conspiracies. Many have witnessed undesirable social behaviors, such as, drinking, cussing, and fighting, to have been committed in the protest camp. Being open-minded in giving judgments on situations such as the one witnessed in the protest camp is likely fair. Of course, finding substance and truth is the probable purpose behind giving open-minded judgments.

People may see that the situation in the protest camp doesn’t allow for diverse points of views to exist. One example of these views is the devoted belief on the scientific findings of viruses and vaccines in combatting their spread, or giving a considerable decent regard and acknowledging the credibility and reliability of the city’s government.

The best resolution a non-activist must do to maintain peace during such a chaotic time in Wellington is to not say anything aggressive. One of the images associated with the protests that many are likely going to see in Wellington is a horse float. This object physically resembles a jail cell. It has a picture of New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, vandalized with chauvinistic opinions and insights, complete with a signature of Donald Trump’s Q-Anon campaign initiative.

The chaos associated with the protests in Wellington have been hidden in the forms of the presence of peaceful protestors. The activities of these protestors include Hare Krishna’s chants, Christian prayers, Hippie dances, and Peace and Love songs singing sessions. As the peaceful protests commence, children can be seen eating candy floss, creating a ‘Wall of Peace’ using chalks, Maori wahine making baskets, giving haircuts for free, and Hauora healing services.

White women that belong to the middle-age group hold placards, not ceasing to put the blame on the coronavirus vaccines for countless deaths that have occurred. The overall situation in Wellington while the protests have been taking place has been awkward. The said situation strikes a similarity with a peaceful festival that may take place in the premises of the Parliament.