Microgreen Manufacturer Seeks to Penetrate the Global Market Following a Warehouse Development

Microgreen Manufacturer Seeks to Penetrate the Global Market Following a Warehouse Development

Two months have only passed in 2022. Needless to say, this year has been a commemorative time for milestone development for Crunchy owner and founder, Benji Biswas. Crunchy is a micro-green and organic business that has gotten the Meridian Energy One to Watch and Power Net New and Emerging awards at the Southland Business Excellence awards event, held last January of this year.

Crunchy now owns an additional 500 square feet worth of production capability, after it has moved into a newly built warehouse space within the inner-city premises. In the past, Biswas was known for providing supply of his business’ items to South Island. These items originate from the garage of Biswas’ residential real estate property in Invercargill.

The new warehouse space is being tapped as the source of the development scheme of Biswas’ business all over the different parts of New Zealand. In turn, thus, the new space in which the warehouse occupies has good chances of penetrating the local market in Australia.

Biswas shares that the 600 square meter building has provided Crunchy the opportunity to complete more micro greens initiatives. Thanks to the said structure site, the production of Crunchy’s business has increased to 20 times greater. Such a milestone has made Crunchy known to be a developing innovative business.

Biswas formed Crunchy around two years ago. The goal of the establishment of the business is to innovate the means foods are manufactured in organic friendly methods, in city premises or settings.

Biswas starts to utilize vertical growing means of manufacturing micro greens in an organic way in the forms of stacked trays and LED lights located underneath. He does this task in his tiny Invercargill garage. While in the process of completing this task, Biswas provides manufacturing to hospitality establishments within the local area.

Biswas has grown his line of business into the operation of retail establishments following the pandemic’s alert level 4 being the culprit of many restaurants stopping operating. The retail stores that Biswas owns are located in New World, Park n’ Save, Supervalue, and 4 Square, situated across where South Island is. These latter mentioned establishments have employees that comprise of two permanent workers and four employees that work part-time.

Biswas’ business has ushered in growth in ten-fold for sales within six months-time. Conon Street warehouse was established early February 2022. By February 18, the establishment has started to initially facilitate its soft opening.