Taranaki Grandfather’s Childhood Dream Comes True, Thanks to His Wardrobe Radio Station

Taranaki Grandfather’s Childhood Dream Comes True, Thanks to His Wardrobe Radio Station

It has always been a dream for Colin Sampson to own a radio station since he was a young kid. The 81-year old gentleman now sees his dream come true, as he run his own radio station from his retirement home’s wardrobe.

The New Plymouth resident grandfather is a founder of and does DJ jobs for Dove Radio. Sampson plays songs from the 1930’s and 1940’s, the whole day, on a daily basis, for the people in his age group to enjoy listening to.

Sampson is happy to cater to the music market demands of people of his own age. He’s glad he’s been able to fill the music needs of his peers that have been neglected to be fulfilled. According to Sampson, it has always been his desire to run a radio station that the people his age would love to listen to.

Sampson does play various kinds of music for his peers. This music comprises of secular and Christian songs. Sampson plays these songs out of the 400-500 records, cassettes, and CD’s he owns. Sampson plays the songs from with the likes of singers, like, American pop musician, Jo Stafford. Additionally, Sampson also plays songs from musicians, Chris Knauf and Terry Morratti. Knauf and Morratti were well-known resident music makers from New Plymouth, dating back a couple of decades ago.

Sampson’s radio station can be found in FM networks, 107.9 and 106.9. His station plays songs via his kitchen radio, the whole day. For the past month, though, the said radio station has been playing Christmas songs. In the mornings and afternoons, Sampson plays perkier songs. On the other hand, during evening-time, the 81-year old plays softer sounding songs or tunes.

Every Sundays, Sampson runs a “tiny church service” in his radio station. According to the Taranaki grandfather, running this service reminds him of fond memories. There were many children being observed to have started to grow up when the grandfather attended Sunday school.

Sampson completes all of the said tasks in association from running his own radio station from the wardrobe located in the extra room of the town house he lives in. The grandfather shares the town house with his wife situated in Jean Sandel Retirement Village.

Sampson has been operating his radio station for approximately three years now. However, he did work in the radio station industry for the majority of his younger years. The first encounter with music Sampson had dated back over 70 years prior. This encounter comprised of an experience of the now grandfather then hanging out in the car, in the company of a 12-foot aerial, at Main Street in New Plymouth.