British Runner, Emma Timmis, is the New World Record Winner in NZ’s Running Length

British Runner, Emma Timmis, is the New World Record Winner in NZ’s Running Length

Emma Timmis is fewer than 500 kilometers in distance, from being able to break the world record status for running length in New Zealand. Timmis, a 37-year old British woman, is an artist in Kaiapoi close to Christchurch. Timmis crosses the 1600 km. mark out of the 2100 km. run competition within Cape Reinga to Bluff. Such an instance is the time when Timmis arrives at Timaru on Monday evening, January 3.

In her current journey of 100 km.-a day-rate, Timmis should be able to arrive in Bluff on Saturday, January 8. She has been able to be ahead of the past world record of 35 days and 27 minutes that Welsh runner Menna Evans, has been able to accomplish, in the earlier part of 2020, within a two-week span of time.

Timmis began her running journey on December 18. In totality, the British runner has been able to be consistent in keeping her goal of running 100 kms. per day. According to Timmis, she has been making plans for such a scenario for four years. The British was held back in her initial attempt of keeping such a goal since she got an injury at the lower part of her leg.

Timmis announces that because she has already recovered, she wants to begin fund raising for the Youthline group in New Zealand and the YoungMinds group in the United Kingdom. Timmis elaborates that the prioritization of mental health plays a significant role in her life.

While Timmis finds it challenging to cope having her leg injury, her mental health has become worse. She admits to having had the need to get help at the time. Timmis has been lucky to have had the support of loving people while she hasn’t been feeling good.

Timmis admits not all people can turn to others for emotional support, whenever they need to ask for help. Having had the opportunities to access similar services, Timmis feels lucky. According to Timmis, more than $6,000 in funds have been donated for her cause. Timmis shares she has had so much pain, in some instances.

Timmis went to see a podiatrist based in Timaru on Monday night, January 3. However, she has resumed running track again by Tuesday, 430 am. The runner eyes Maheno, as the next destination she plans to go to for a sleepover. Maheno is south of Oamaru. Some of the people who support Timmis are people who run with her in Christchurch.