Tamaki Makaurau Streets Get Lively and Energetic in Light of the Sound of Music

Tamaki Makaurau Streets Get Lively and Energetic in Light of the Sound of Music

Rangatahi finds purposes to make things happen, whether it be on buses, trains, or in the middle of Auckland’s city premises. A group of young musicians comprise of the “Sound of Our Streets.” This group’s theme is synonymous with that of a winter youth performance festival. The musicians that make up this group are responsible for reenergizing the streets all around Tamaki Makaurau.

Youth Arts New Zealand was the group that organized such an initiative campaign. The festival was the key in the distribution of over $20,000 to young and creative people. It is the mission of this initiative to encourage young individuals to expand their creativity as the key to pursuing successful careers and as sources of self-expression.

According to YANZ chief executive, Matthew Goldsworthy, Auckland is rich with talented members of the population. However, the city lacks short on paid opportunities that have meaningful purposes. If these opportunities are attained, they uniquely show off exceptionally beautiful identities.

Many young individuals all over Auckland have strived to embark on environmentally-friendly careers. They do so while simultaneously conceiving energetic and lively atmospheres for Auckland’s general members of the public.

Auckland’s Unlimited 200 Creative Industries Strategy strives to turn the city into becoming an international artistic or creative capital of New Zealand. Auckland needs more visibly present, accessible, and equal pathways towards creativity. To achieve this goal, it’s highly recommended that recognition, placing of value, and support for the next generation be implemented.

The performances associated with the mentioned campaign commenced at the Ellen Melville Centre, Takutal Square located at Britomart, Pocket Park on Karangahape Road, and Birkenhen village.

24 artists in total performed at the launching of the “Sound of Our Streets.” Gnesyer, a member of the “Sound of Our Streets”, commented that within the premises in which public transportation is easily accessible, new ideas come to her for any services requested. Usually, others request Gnesyer to perform songs for them.

Another member of the group, Iris Zhang, revealed that she conceptualizes something out of creativity while playing guitar in her room. The other thing she does with the same purpose in mind, she reveals, is that she types lyrics down on her phone late at night, before she goes to bed. Zhang is motivated the most to create creative artistic outputs when she’s in the company of other musicians, and audiences in group events. Zhang feels these people can relate to her feelings when they closely surround her.