New Market Brings all of Rolleston’s Food Trucks to the Yard

New Market Brings all of Rolleston’s Food Trucks to the Yard

The new food truck from Rolleston is gathering group members of local businesses, the community, and tons of tasty food treats. Every Saturday, between the hours of 4 pm to 7 pm, local vendors within the neighbourhood are present, selling dumplings, burgers, barbeque, crepes, candy floss, and more foods and treats at the Salvation Army in Rolleston, southwest of Christchurch. Gluten free and vegan choices are available for anyone to consume.

The concept of having a food truck in the fast-developing Selwyn town is a reality now for organizer, Daniel Morbey. He posted on his local community page that he was asking any person who will be interested in his new business venture. Salvation Army organizer, Stewart Duxfield, took an interest in Morbey’s post. Upon taking an interest, Duxfield offered their Springston Rolleston road site for Morbey to consider for a business site.

On the other hand, Morbey operates and owns a food truck called Streetbowls. Streetbowls serves gluten-free and vegan meals, and has been a popular food site within the region. The Rolleston Food Truck Market has been formally introduced to the public on June 4, with nine vendors under its belt.

According to Morbey, the first week of Streetbowls’ operation commenced with long lines and three vendors selling out. Morbey further shares there were additional new vendors that wished to join his business’ market. Unfortunately, Morbey had to turn down some of them in order to ensure the market maintains diversity.

Morbey plans to keep his business small during the winter. On the other aspect, he plans to extend the services and operation of the business during the summer. During the winter, Morbey plans to build the foundation of his business’ reputation, spread the word about the business, with the hope the business will make its mark in the market’s industry by the time summer months come along.

Morbey wants to implement more live music and activities families can enjoy when the days become longer during the hotter season. Food trucks are businesses that are in high demand during the summer season. People normally want to enjoy buying, eating foods, and drinking cold beverages when they won’t freeze from the chilly temperature outdoors.

Usually, customers remain standing while they eat their foods and enjoy their cold drinks after they buy items from food trucks. Consuming foods and beverages this way is similar to enjoying cocktail foods in major gatherings in formal venues, such as ballrooms and corporate offices. Major corporate organizations are mostly the organizers of these gatherings.