Queen Elizabeth II’s Death and What It Means for New Zealand

Queen Elizabeth II’s Death and What It Means for New Zealand

In New Zealand, Queen Elizabeth II’s death is remembered by holding a national period of mourning, and a memorial service. According to an article published on Nzherald.co.nz, New Zealand’s prime minister and governor general were the first law makers in the country that were informed about the queen’s death. The other New Zealand lawmakers informed about the matter, thereafter, were the ministries of foreign affairs and trade and the department of internal affairs.

The succession of King Charles to the throne has happened immediately, and naturally. Prince Charles is now the king of UK’s monarchy and head of state. According to prime minister Jacinda Ardern, Queen Elizabeth was an amazing woman who was hard working until the very end.

Ardern shares she first found out about the queen’s death when a police officer woke her up by shining a torch into her room. One of the exemplary memories Ardern has about the queen was her laughter.

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest monarch head in the United Kingdom. She died at the Balmoral, at 96 years old, after having reigned for 70 years. The queen died on Saturday afternoon, September 10, at her Scottish estate. The queen spent most of her time during the summer season in this estate.

The queen first held her throne in the UK monarchy in 1952. Upon holding her throne, the queen has seen multiple social changes occur. King Charles III refers to his mother’s death as “a moment of tremendous sadness” for him and his family. The king states his mother’s death is going to be “deeply felt” in many parts of the world. Charles refers to his mother as a cherished sovereign and a much-loved parent. Charles shares he has been aware that the queen’s death imposes profound impact on the UK’s commonwealth.

Charles announces that during the period of mourning, he and his family would take comfort by the sympathy people all over the world give to monarchy clan.  The royal family is aware of the respect and emotional affection in which the country and the general public have bestowed upon the queen.

Charles’ wife, Camilla, is now Queen Consort. King Charles and his other half are scheduled to go back to London on Friday, September 16, according to the Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles is expected to give a national address for the UK people from the palace that day.

Senior royal members reportedly congregated at the Balmoral after the queen’s doctors reported concerns regarding her health during the earlier part of the day prior to her death.