Accusers of Sam Uffindell are Delighted to See MP’s Conduct Report to Go Public

Accusers of Sam Uffindell are Delighted to See MP’s Conduct Report to Go Public

Although Maria Dew’s KC report will be released in public in a redacted form, many people are still happy with the decision. It includes the former flatmate of Sam Uffindell, along with her father.

According to Christopher Luxon, Uffindell’s bullying claims and behaviours have been cleared by the inquiry. Uffindell, who is a Tauranga MP, was accused of being a bully while he was still studying at Otago University. According to his flatmate, Uffindell has been disturbing her many times, and on one occasion, he has been pounding on her door while yelling, which has forced her to flee the property through the window.

However, according to Sylvia Wood, who is the party president, the accusations against Uffindell aren’t enough to justify any incidents or bullying while he is out of King’s College. Based on the report, his flatmate’s accusations didn’t really happen, and Uffindell didn’t engage in any type of harassment or bullying. It only means that the national is dismissing everything that his flatmate has said, including the claims of him disturbing the peace and smashing the door while yelling.

The woman that has filed the complaint about Uffindell is dismayed by the results of her inquiry as it seems as though the authorities are taking his words more than hers. Her father stood alongside her throughout the battle, with a firm belief in her daughter’s statements.

During the inquiry, Uffindell’s flatmate made and submitted a written statement but refused to be part of it any further because she only thought that everything was rigged and that the National Party was involved in getting the results that they wanted.

With this in mind, Luxon said that the process has been fair and just; however, they have decided that the report will stay unreleased. Luxon also added that Dew’s statement has been heavily considered and that communication has been present throughout the whole endeavour. Luxon doesn’t want to elaborate on the specifics, but he said that they are certain with their decision, and they have given enough so that the platform is approachable.

Uffindell’s former flatmate, along with his father, has been happy with the decision to release everything, even if it is censoring several details, especially names. The flatmate’s father also added that Uffindell should not be concerned about anything and that the redacted form is useless. Because his name was already cleared, he doesn’t have any business being worried about being included in the report.

Luxon has made more statements about Uffindell, saying that aside from these specific reports, there are no more complaints about the person in question. He also said that Uffindell has since been reformed, and he is very regretful of all the things he did while he was still in college.