Northland, New Zealand Tops The New York Times’ ’52 Places to Visit’ List in 2022

Northland, New Zealand Tops The New York Times’ ’52 Places to Visit’ List in 2022

When things go back to normal in the international travel industry, travellers make Northland, New Zealand as one of their top destinations. Visiting Northland gives light to making issues of over tourism and climate change diminish.

Northland is the only New Zealand getaway to be included in The New York Times’ annual ’52 Places to Visit’ list. Previous top places to visit list focuses on new food scenes, museums, and resorts. The mentioned 2022 top vacation list has the goal of encouraging travellers to do their part in resolving global problems associated with tourism.

As the tourism industry’s commitment on Glasgow shows, travel can resolve certain issues, which includes climate problems. According to The New York Times, the sector has a commitment of splitting the carbon emissions in half by 2030, and achieve “net zero” by 2050. The New York Times shares this information at the climate summit held in Scotland last November. The greenhouse emissions that come from the travel industry comprises within eight and eleven percent portion of the total global emissions.

Travel does aid bad economies in regions or countries that rely on tourists’ incoming funds. In turn, it does its share in exposing the travellers to cultures and traditions that are different from theirs.

It is quite unusual for The New York Times not to mention the popular travel spots in Northland. The publication has not mentioned the popular beaches there. What the publication has done, though, has been to mention the exceptional Maori heritage and attractions. Consequentially, the publication promises unlimited cultural lessons that are bound to be learned.

The New York Times exceptionally praises Ngawha Springs. Ngawha Springs comprises of a set of geothermal pools that the Ngapuhi people have long cherished due to the former’s healing benefits. Writer Daniel Schleffer shares that thanks to the Ngawha Springs, visitors can absorb in mineral-rich pools internally in dozens to relieve pain, and other similar conditions.

According to Stuff travel writer, Brook Sabin, the redeveloped area nearby Kaikohe, has done its part in infusing luxury touches to the experiences people get from bathing. Sabin further states that Ngawha Springs is well on its way into becoming one of the famous tourist attractions in Northland.

Additionally, The New York Times gives a thumbs-up to eco-retreat site, Tahi, located in Pahua North. Tahi makes donations to local conservation, culture, and community activities. Other top travel destinations that made it to the aforementioned New York Times list are Chioggia in Italy and Chimanimani National Park in Mozambique.