Benefits of Senior Workers are Being Pushed and Acknowledged

Benefits of Senior Workers are Being Pushed and Acknowledged

According to Age Concern, ageism in different fields is bound to be destroyed or minimized with a new agenda that is being pushed by the government. Older workers are said to receive more benefits which is already a program that a lot of citizens have been longing for, especially those that are in the workforce.

On April 27, Age Concern launched the said program which aims to preserve more people in the workforce and incentivizes those that invested most of their life in their careers.

Chief Executive Karen Billings-Jensen of Age Concern spearheaded the program which entails a lot of benefits for senior citizens that are still eager to work. Those that are over 50 will receive more support from the government in terms of enriching their skills and also helping them find the most suitable job based on their situation.

Age Concern is also planning to communicate with many employers throughout the country and help them become more inclusive with older workers.

Dr. Ayesha Verall who works as a Minister for Seniors says that older people are more prone to experience harder challenges in different workplaces.

“Whether that’s being made redundant and struggling to find a new job or having limited options when they do look for work,” she added.

The program is by no means a mandatory protocol to keep older people in the workforce. Instead, it is an option and a program that highly benefits those that are looking to continue their career despite their age. It is a fine addition as an option so that more people are encouraged to prolong their careers.

Verall also noted that this move is very impactful as the country is showing more signs of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be instrumental in reviving the country’s economy which has changed a lot throughout the years because of the difficulties that the pandemic has brought.

Aside from increasing the number of people active in the workforce, the government is also aiming to improve the lifestyle and well-being of many citizens. Multiple opportunities mean that they have so many options in life, and a career without any doubts and hesitations is a successful one.

Based on government statistics, the New Zealand workforce has at least a third of 50+ aged people that are still active and waiting to experience these amazing benefits.

Lastly, the government program is also aimed at employers, by simply highlighting the benefits of hiring older people on their payroll. It might take some time to take effect but at least it is now active and many people are set to experience change.