Engineer Responsible for a Quake Prone Building Condemned and De-registered

Engineer Responsible for a Quake Prone Building Condemned and De-registered

Christchurch’s main building is currently branded as a quake-prone establishment and the engineer behind its design is currently facing risks in his career.

Joo Cho, the engineer who is in charge of the project has been hit with deregistration, although he can still accept projects and works. According to reports, Joo Cho chose to retire after the controversy, and authorities are still trying to look for more of his past projects to make sure that everyone is safe.

The building is still standing tall, however anytime an earthquake hits the spot, it will surely take massive damage.

How the risk has been found is all because of another engineer who was in the vicinity of the building way back in 2017. A committee that is dedicated to structural integrity commented on Cho’s design and branded it as an “incompetent” building. They also issued a fine of $12,500 and also blocked Cho’s registration for at least two years.

Cho admitted that he will no longer be working as an engineer in the meantime. He also said to a source that he’s not planning to unveil his plans.

Despite the overwhelming criticism and feedback from many people, Cho refused to do anything about his practice and still proceeded with his projects without any chance in his approach. According to the committee that revoked his registration, “If his actions had been left unchecked, the safety of the public could have been at risk.”

A building reviewer once said to the property owner that the structure should be demolished. They said that even retrofitting the whole thing can be a challenge and it will only make things complicated. The only way to correct the building and correct the safety concerns is by building everything from the ground up.

Another reviewer noted that the design is alarming, and something should be done as soon as possible to keep things in check and avoid any accidents.

The property owners are now looking for options and hiring engineers to see if things can still be fixed, or what approach is needed to happen to salvage the property.

The case that is now over 5 years old is still relevant, and even though Cho already said that he’s retired, is still responsible for the design flaws and the failure to manage things properly, as well as giving concrete evidence that the design is indeed effective.

The owner of the building, Soung Joon Kim is now looking for more options, and through the observations of some engineers that reviewed the property, is aiming for a demolition angle.