‘Youth Theatre’ is a Safe Place for Audiences to Discover Themselves

‘Youth Theatre’ is a Safe Place for Audiences to Discover Themselves

Two women from Marlborough are facilitating the exhibition of a weekly youth theatre to get the young ones to participate in community activities. Such a need for participation comes to light after having been kept in lockdown amidst the surge in the numbers of Covid cases.

According to Liz McKay, Creative Kids Trust Founder and group-based musical director, young people are more talented than they may have ever realized. McKay has been in charge of taking the lead to run the project with group theatre director, Ewa Zielinska, in the recent two years that passed.

The program was first initiated for implementation to give Marlborough youth chances to participate in artistic activities, and provide confidence for these people to be expressive of themselves. The program’s facilitation commences at the Marlborough Youth Trust in Blenheim on Wednesdays.

The Youth Theatre Group is in the process of conceptualizing and conceiving a theatre-based performance to commemorate New Zealand Youth Week. This event is the commencement from May 7 to May 15.

The Youth Week theme for this year is,” being heard-our voices matter.” The said performance in Marlborough will occur in My Space on May 7 and May 8. According to McKay, the number of performers in The Youth Theatre has been fluctuating up and down during the current year.

Zielinska has nurtured the thinking that the Covid pandemic has caused many people to turn into passive individuals. Many people have become passive in the sense that they have utilized the pandemic as the reason why they aren’t able to engage in activities with community members.

Mc Kay further states that she believes the Youth Theatre is a venue source that can equip young people to have self-confidence in believing in themselves and having their opinions and insights heard in public. The Youth Theatre also gives a chance for young people to become involved with wider community areas of coverage after having been engaged in certain conditions. These conditions involve living in spaces making it all right or acceptable to not agree with being together with loved ones and social circle members.

The program infuses the combination of each art form available in the market. Such art forms available for retail sale include visual, graphic arts, music, and performing arts. According to McKay, these art forms have paved the way for opportunities for young people to discover the meaningful concepts of their identities and earth existences.