Wellington Appears to Have Ended Its Occupation of Shelly Bay-But, Perhaps, Not Completely

Wellington Appears to Have Ended Its Occupation of Shelly Bay-But, Perhaps, Not Completely

Mau Whenua may have moved on from occupying Shelly Bay in Wellington. However, the occupation of this site doesn’t end there. It has not been clear who stays at Shelly Bay after the 525th day of Wellington’s occupation at this site comes on Sunday, May 1. On Monday morning, though, scattered tents and other tiny entities were around, which indicated some people were staying at the site, even at that moment. A big dog has been even patrolling Shelly Bay.

The Mau Whenua and rivals that are equally occupiers located in neighboring Mahanga Bay, deny having anything to do with the entities that make up the present occupation. Both of these groups have a sharp interest in the affairs in Shelly Bay.

Kara Puketapu-Dentice, a Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust chairperson, has said she understands where the Mahanga group comes from. The group allegedly comes from the 23-day occupation outside the Parliament premises.

Developer, Ian Cassels, has had a long-term plan to form a $500 million land development within the spaces of Shelly Bay. The developer plans to erect such a structure on the western border of the Miramar peninsula in Wellington. Most of the part of the peninsula is bombarded with issues that concern litigation and dispute.

Mau Whenua defends that it is not fair for the Wellington government to sell its land spaces to Cassels. The said group started to make its occupation of Shelly Bay, just when the Wellington City Council decided to sell and enter into lease transactions among some parts of the land with Cassels.

The disagreement as to which entity should occupy Shelly Bay seems to have ended when Mau Whenua and the Wellington government have healed their damaged relationship. Both parties have compromised to terminate the occupation on Mau Whenua. Despite having such an agreement, Mau Whenua continuously to press legal charges to reverse having Shelly Bay sold.

However, the occupiers who show up at Shelly Bay on Monday morning are signs that the legacy over legal and ownership battle rage on. Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Mau Whenua stated on Monday, May 2, that he and his team have ceased to have a physical presence at Shelly Bay.

Mahanga Bay occupiers have not been sure if they would like to stay as occupiers at Shelly Bay or not. On the evening of Sunday, May 1, Mau Whenua’s leaving ceremony ended in a scuffle that occurred with that group and some people from the Mahanga Bay occupiers.