Rainy Season and Possible Flooding Loom Over Christchurch

Rainy Season and Possible Flooding Loom Over Christchurch

Christchurch may experience four times the usual December rain in only 29 hours for this week of December 14. Therefore, the city council will be forced to brace for a possible “flooding.” Met Service has put on an orange level heavy rain alert within the Canterbury Plains, in the northern part of Ashburton, which include the foothills and Christchurch.

Maximum of 160 millimeters of rainfall can come around within 29 hours starting at 1 am on Wednesday, December 15, especially, in the northern part of Christchurch, according to Met Service meteorologist, Peter Little.

Rain can fall for 15 to 25 mm. per hour.

The average amount of rain for December is 42 mm. Such a situation is a sign that Christchurch can experience maximum of four times its normal monthly amount of rainfall in more than a day, says Little. Little adds that flooding has a possibility of occurring. Furthermore, the meteorologist says the heavy rain can trigger streams and rivers to surge quickly.

Flooding in urban neighborhoods is possibly going to occur. Another possibility is that slips are going to occur. Plus, driving conditions can be dangerous.

It has been forecasted that rain is going to occur the whole day on Wednesday, December 15. On Thursday morning, December 16, rain would begin to diminish. The rain showers, though, may continue to occur throughout the day moving forward, until Friday, December 17, due to the upcoming low weather front occurring.

When the weekend comes around on December 18 and December 19, the rain is expected to completely stop. Flooding in low lying sections is likely going to happen. The Christchurch City Council stocked some pumps on Maces Road in Bromley, the Flockton neighborhood, the Ebbtide Street in New Brighton neighborhood, the three waters and waste’s head, according to Helen Beaumont.

The beach and estuary stormwater pipes from Sumner and Southshore are being regulated. Additional employees are going to be around to try to resolve issues that are present in those neighborhoods. Residents who have experienced flooding should give the council’s call center a call at this phone number: 03 941 8999.

If there are further rampant problems, the prioritization of assistance is going to be provided to responses to calls regarding flooding that has inherent safety problems or risk to damaging homes and business establishments.

According to a spokesperson of the police department, people driving through roads in wet weather have to invest an additional amount of concentration and caution.

Making sure that the drivers utilize the use of headlights is imperative while driving under the said condition. It’s also important to closely follow the car travelling in front when this condition is present while driving a vehicle.