Covid-19 Delta Pandemic News: Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff, Recommends Vaccination Program for Super Saturday

Covid-19 Delta Pandemic News: Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff, Recommends Vaccination Program for Super Saturday

According to Auckland mayor, Phil Goff, every dose of vaccine will be useful against combatting the Delta variant Covid-19 spread in New Zealand. Goff declares his support for his country’s government’s Super Saturday Covid-19 vaccination program. He is reaching out to every Aucklander to request them to do their part to help implement this program.

Goff acknowledges that Aucklanders lead the response on Covid-19 in New Zealand. The mayor said Auckland residents have made a lot of sacrifices in helping people in the country be safe.

This news is announced as 65 new Covid cases were added in Auckland on October 15, 2021, Friday.

Statistical data also reveals that about 3600 residents in the Auckland area got their first shot of the pandemic’s vaccination yesterday, October 14, 2021. 34 of the 65 cases in the region were linked, 10 of them were acquired from household contacts, but, 31 were left not connected to any situation or individual. Investigations continue to take place to find out the connection of these cases to the present spread of the virus.

The total cases for the coronavirus Delta pandemic spread all over New Zealand for October 15, 2021 are numbered to 1855.

Goff praises every individual who has gotten vaccinated. According to the mayor, each of these people have done his/her part in making the community safer. Thus, each person who’s gotten vaccinated contributes in making life get close to becoming normal, with lesser restrictions and more mobility.

According to statistical data results, 87 percent of Aucklanders who got qualified to get vaccinated have received their first shot. The mayor reiterated that with eight weeks left until summer comes along, and the coronavirus still being widespread, there has never been the best time to get all people vaccinated than now.

Goff reaches out to call on every Aucklander to get their shot on Super Saturday so all residents can enjoy a fantastic summer. Education and health care workers (i.e. teachers, general practitioners, pharmacists, and nurses) have to get their full shots soon, or risk losing their jobs.

The deadline for high-risk health and disability workers to become fully vaccinated is on December 1, 2021. School and ECE workers that have been in physical contact with students have a deadline on January 1, 2022 to get themselves fully vaccinated.

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Ward councilor, Josephine Bartley, encourages people to motivate their loves ones and acquaintances get themselves fully vaccinated by attending the Super Saturday event. 90 percent of the population needs to get fully vaccinated before restrictions can be eased in the summer time.