Auckland Police Off to Kaikohe After Shootings Happened; Leaders from Both Places Worry

Auckland Police Off to Kaikohe After Shootings Happened; Leaders from Both Places Worry

Auckland police officers have been hard at work, cracking down on gangs at the city premises. Community members seek specific numbers or figures on the goals officers have accomplished so far.

The police patrolling for gang crackdown in Auckland is dispatched due to a similar crackdown in northland’s Kaikohe. Auckland police was reportedly sent to Kaikohe from Tamaki Makaurau. Increased gang aggressive activities have taken place among the Killer Beez and the tribesmen in northland and Auckland. Because of this situation, gunshots erupted all over Kaikohe during the early morning hours on Tuesday, May 24.

Police immediately attended to the incident. The officers made a couple of arrests the next day, and took away a firearm, an ammunition, and 1.7 kg. of cannabis. Police did a total of 60 vehicle stops, and, as a result, discovered a pistol and methamphetamine in one of the vehicles.

Justin Rogers, a Far North Area commander inspector, shares that the police officers are making efforts in providing peace to the community premises. The police officers make their presence seen and felt in multiple areas of the town, and visit schools and businesses on a regular basis.

In response to the question where the police officers come from, Rogers shares they come from multiple places in Northland and Auckland. In Auckland, there have been reportedly a total of 20 shootings that took place sometime this year.

Rogers clarifies that he and his team have the power to move the designation of staff members in different areas of the district, and even the country. The policing team declined in sharing the total numbers of officers who have been moved coming from Auckland to Kaikohe. The team also refused to say the time period the police officers were to stay in Kaikohe.

The moving of police officers is something leaders from Kaikohe and Auckland are concerned about. They’re concerned there’s going to be a lack of police officers needed in their respective localities if the tensions between gangs unexpectedly erupted.

According to Mane Tahere, a Kaikohe haipu collective Te Tiahotanga spokesman, community members are aware that gang-related tensions fluctuate in their occurrences. So, police officers need to be ready to make emergency and unexpected responses.

Community members, though, are concerned about the lack of responsiveness of police to dispatched 111 calls in the mid-north during the usual time of the day, like when the Auckland officers leave.

Te Tiahotanga put a rare, rahui or customized ban in response to the gang violence activity that occurred in Kaikohe on Friday, May 27.