The Tremor at the Tasman District

The Tremor at the Tasman District

Residents in the Tasman District got surprised to feel the quake with a magnitude of 5.3 on Sunday, 30th of October. Thousands of residents in various regions felt the tremor that came from the top of the South Island town of St. Arnaud and the lower North Island. The residents of these locations of more than 3000 people felt the quake that struck the Tasman District.

As well, thousands of residents on Sunday, the 30th of October, felt the quake that left them in awe. The volcanic activity, which centred 30 kilometres southwest of St. Arnaud and its extending areas, grew noticeable among residents. Most of these residents posted on Twitter regarding their feelings and observations of the tremor. The quake took place at 12:35 PM on Sunday as recorded. With a depth of 53 kilometres, this moderate earthquake managed to create more panic among residents.

As well, the moderate earthquake that struck the Tasman District was felt by the people in the south of Christchurch and north of New Plymouth. Comments regarding their observations of the quake flooded on Twitter. Though there were no other reports concerning the damaged properties throughout the period, people were talking about their feelings and instances on social media. Reports on the Geonet, there were more than 3000 individuals who felt the quake within the Tasman District.

Moreover, the Tasman officials were steady to provide advisory actions to thwart any untoward conditions. Precautionary measures were available to inform the residents to stay calm as the quake was in progress. According to Sean Phelan on Twitter, the tremor made him hide under the desk. Liz on Twitter got surprised when she felt the quake for the first time. While there were several posts from the residents on social media sites like Twitter to comment on the matter, no reports were made regarding smashed properties and mishaps.

Without a doubt, the Tasman District grew ready to manage the quake. As the situation worsened, residents were to cope with the presence of the seismic wave. The active monitoring of the local government officials was working as these officials managed to provide precautionary measures and warnings. As the residents were in panic when the quake struck, they managed to hide and find ways to cover for safety. Considering the magnitude of 5.3, thousands of residents had to find a cover or hide when the tremor struck to avoid further accidents.