The New Apartment Listing Is Up for $15 Million Mount Eden Council Chambers and Fire Station Conversion

The New Apartment Listing Is Up for $15 Million Mount Eden Council Chambers and Fire Station Conversion

One of the major building structural transformations in Auckland for the past years has been the $15 million Chambers and Station redevelopment of the previously known Mount Eden Chambers and fire station.

The construction of the project started in 2016 when the developer took the risk of working on the three-year project. The transformation of century-old, double-brick building into six apartments took place. The transformation project included the construction of a sizable penthouse in the original council chambers.

Templeton Limited worked on this construction project in collaboration with A Studio architects. During the time the construction started to take place, Templeton Limited’s project director, Nigel McKenna, shared the two companies working together have attempted to respect all the spaces. Having said this, the transformation’s process has been the source to be able to retain the project’s original scale and proportionate construction. Thus, each of the individual space has been returned to complete grandeur.

Majority of the original ceilings constructed were 4 meters in height. At some point in time, there were modernizations that modified these structures. The construction team discovered four false ceilings in one a single space in the ground floor. After having pulled out three ceilings, the construction team members thought they had uncovered the original ceiling. But, they shared they had to remove another ceiling at that point in time.

Furthermore, McKenna shares the fire station building has turned into a couple of little offices and corridors. The project director admits it was difficult to view the space’s original dimensions. The director and his team even discovered two major structural columns that had been taken off to pave the way to open up a wall. The engineers find that luck has had an influence in enabling the maintenance of the existence of the aforementioned part of the building.

Presently, a two-bedroom ground floor apartment with a sizable elevated patio for entertainment has been up for sale in a listing this time around in history since 2016. According to listing agent, Harry Champtaloup of Ray White Remuera, the owners of the property are closer to having a family, and have already found a new home they’ve settled in, and so are excited to see their old home go on sale.

The owners have conducted private viewings of their property up for sale, rather than open it up for public viewing. Private viewings may be the key to keeping the property safer and more secure.