Rugby Referee Ryan Nixon’s Tweet Stirs Up Debates on Twitter

Rugby Referee Ryan Nixon’s Tweet Stirs Up Debates on Twitter

Rugby ref, Ryan Nixon’s tweet on Saturday evening, March 5, has caused multiple debates to materialize in the social media platform. The Auckland man posted a question on Twitter as to whether there were more doors or wheels in the world. The responses Nixon gets for his question are significantly diverse than he has ever expected them to be.

When Nixon’s Twitter poll rounded up to a close on Monday night, 223,347 people casted their votes. According to one Twitter user, wheels are considered a certain item of human technology. This user further elaborates that doors are dominant over technological items, and are naturally ancient in kind.

Meanwhile, another user shares that Lego is the largest manufacturer of tires, globally. So, for sure, tires need wheels so the former can function. This issue was not a topic of discussion that Plato and his acolytes talked about at The Academy in the ancient world of Athens. However, 2,300 years prior, there were significantly a greater number of doors, in comparison to the quantity of wheels that existed.

The indefinite answer to Nixon’s question, though, has made the latter all the more intriguing. Debates on a question such as the one Nixon asked would have happened, long before the advent of the internet has taken over most parts of the lives of many people. But, since people now live in the digital era, Nixon could have easily Google the answer to his question, and, in turn, argue the validity of a theory. Not too long after, therefore, he could have easily win in arguing his piece when debating.

Needless to say, the unquantifiable information that’s the expected answer to Nixon’s question is the data that appears to be impossible to retrieve or for people to have knowledge of. With this said, it’s understandable why people are just making educational guesses on the answer to the question to keep the arguments going. The benefit of this situation is that the question continues to gain popularity on Twitter.

The trending popularity of Nixon’s tweet has spread to the office where he works in North Harbor Rugby. Nixon clarifies he has shifted adherence to favoring the answer that there are more wheels than doors in the world. Such a change runs in contrary to his previous answer stating that he believes there are more doors than wheels.

The final results of Nixon’s poll show 53.6 percent of people believe there are larger number of wheels, versus 46.4 percent of people who believe there are more doors that exist.