Thursday, February 1st, 2018


Safety first then call, Insurance Council tells storm victims

The Insurance Council is telling people affected by ex-cyclone Fehi to put their safety first, and contact their insurer as soon as they’re able. Insurance Council boss Tim Grafton said people should take photos of any flooding or… Source: Auckland central

We Don’t Live in No Hut Africa Tour

Brentwood TN, – Segun Lasisi Founder of Encounter Africa in association with laExpose’ Productions will host a youth empowerment conference. In addition to the conference, the delegates will follow the tour “We Don’t Live in No Hut” experiencing the greatness of the country. The tour will extend to 4 cities in Nigeria and end with the Encounter Africa Conference. Dr. John Williams is the featured speaker for the Youth Conference. To support or join the tour which is part of a World Tour, details on Dr. John Williams isRead More

Purple sky in Auckland a welcome sight amidst rain

Auckland’s skies have turned purple for the second time in less than three weeks. The unusual sight was a welcome relief amidst the rain which has pounded the city for most of the day. Photos of a vivid purple sky have been popping… Source: Auckland central

Auckland commuters face delays after stormy conditions

Aucklanders trying to get home to seek shelter from stormy conditions may face delays as heavy traffic is being reported across several of the city’s major motorways. Delays had been seen across several of the motorways through the… Source: Auckland central

New Invention Delivers Knock-Out Punch To Cyber-Crime

New Invention Delivers Knock-Out Punch To Cyber-Crime Metis Business Systems, Inc announces patent-pending system to stop cyber-crime in its tracks January 31, 2018 ( – West Hills, California – A new, unique concept in computer systems is hack proof! Metis Business Systems, Inc [MBSI], has invented computer system technology that will eliminate cyber-crime. The unique concept, according to George Jerome, founder of MBSI “will virtually make it impossible for a hacker, or cyber-criminal to get into the data storage areas of a completely new concept in computer systems.” Mr.Read More

Convert JPG to PDF Online for FREE

Convert JPG to PDF Online for FREE You can transform JPG to PDF in seconds. Find a JPG image you want to convert on your computer or cloud storage and drop it into the box above. January 31, 2018 ( – What benefits will you take into account while choosing a converter? Simplicity, speed, security? You most likely want the website also to be free and without a registration required. Seems impossible to get all at once. However, the online platform AltoPDF provides exactly what you are looking for.Read More

Following Akon's Successful Charity Campaigns, Companies Took the Lead

Following Akon’s Successful Charity Campaigns, Companies Took the Lead AloeTerra, Inc. is a prestigious Organic & Natural Company leading in Humanitarian Responsible and Ecological policies. January 31, 2018 ( – It plays an important role in Reforestation Movements and are partners of Amazon Smile Water Charity. Volunteers work with donations from AloeTerra had a tremendous impact in the reforestation of desecrated places in Amazon Rainforest. Also the partnership with Amazon Smile Charity Program gives customers a chance to donate percentage of their purchase to various organizations to help areasRead More

SibSoft Now Provides Quality Software Products

SibSoft Now Provides Quality Software Products The increasing demand for quality software products has forced the world niche leaders to introduce innovations and customize their development solutions to meet the growing needs of clients. January 31, 2018 ( – Being concerned with their reputation and clients’ satisfaction, SibSoft is one of the companies, which keeps working on the development of customized software solutions. SibSoft is a company, which focuses on the development of web-based solutions. It is based in one of the largest Russian cities and has over aRead More

Find Out Why Burning High Quality Incense Sticks Is Better Than Burning Cones At This Site

Find Out Why Burning High Quality Incense Sticks Is Better Than Burning Cones At This Site The benefits of incense sticks versus incense cones has been released in a report by Sensari Incense. The online store creates and stocks a large variety of natural and high quality incense sticks and burners. January 31, 2018 ( – Sensari Incense have released a report about incense sticks vs incense cones. The online retailers stock high quality incense sticks and burners made in America. For more information please visit the website here:Read More

Best Volunteering Programs in Peru

Best Volunteering Programs in Peru A Broader View – Perfect Choice for Volunteers January 31, 2018 ( – A Broader View is a service that finds volunteer programs for any individual that is interested in improving their resume and gaining more experience. When you apply for a university, there are many documents that you have to provide, from your CV and test scores, to a letter of intent. There are many things that you can do to improve your resume, however, universities usually look at how active you wereRead More